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Gold Spartan

2oz Foo Dogs Minis

2oz Foo Dogs Minis

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Immerse yourself in the mystical allure of Chinese mythology with our Foo Dogs hand-poured silver statue. This unique silver item, intricately crafted in the USA, brings to life the regal guardians of Chinese lore in 999+ silver, making it a captivating addition to any collection of precious metal collectibles or silver gifts.


Each Foo Dogs silver statue is created using the vacuum assisted investment casting process and a special casting resin, ensuring every detail - from the ferocious expressions to the traditional ornamentation - is expertly captured. This high-quality silver statue stands as a testament to the fusion of ancient mythology and skilled craftsmanship in silver art pieces.


With a max mintage of only 500, our Foo Dogs statue embodies the exclusivity and allure associated with "Silver Statues, Gold Spartan". This custom silver statue is a unique blend of Chinese mythology and fine silver craftsmanship, distinguishing it among unique silver items.


Perfect for enthusiasts of Chinese mythology, admirers of Asian art, or collectors of high-quality silver, this hand-poured statue is an exceptional addition to any collection. The Foo Dogs statue not only portrays the protective spirit of these legendary guardians, but also showcases the meticulous detail and quality of high-quality silver craftsmanship.


Enrich your collection with our Foo Dogs hand-poured silver statue, or gift it to a fellow mythology or art lover. This limited-edition masterpiece marries mythology, art, and the finest silver craftsmanship, offering a rare chance to own a symbol of Chinese guardian spirits in resplendent silver.

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