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Boba Fett

Boba Fett

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Introducing our "Boba Fett" Silver Statue, an ode to the legendary bounty hunter from the Star Wars saga. This hand-poured silver statue perfectly captures the likeness of this iconic character, making it an absolute must-have for any Star Wars fan or precious metal collectibles enthusiast.


Made in the USA, our "Boba Fett" Silver Statue is crafted from 999+ pure silver through a vacuum-assisted investment casting process, enabling the creation of a highly detailed and high-quality silver piece. A special casting resin is used to ensure the intricacies of Boba Fett's armor and weaponry are captured in stunning detail.


This silver statue is part of a limited series, with a maximum mintage of 100. It's not just a unique silver item, but a piece of silver art that brings the Star Wars universe to life. For fans of the series or collectors of handcrafted silver, our "Boba Fett" Silver Statue is the ultimate silver gift.


Embrace the mystique of the galaxy's most feared bounty hunter with our "Boba Fett" Silver Statue. This custom silver statue offers a chance to own a piece of the Star Wars legacy, encapsulated in the radiant beauty of pure silver.

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