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Boondock Saints

Boondock Saints

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Immerse yourself in the vigilante world of the "Boondock Saints" with this handcrafted silver statue. Made in the USA, this unique silver item brings to life the gritty and righteous spirit of the infamous MacManus twins, protagonists of the cult-classic film​1​​2​. Hand poured using a vacuum-assisted investment casting process and special casting resin, this Silver Art Piece shines with 999+ Silver purity.
This High-Quality Silver collectible, with a max mintage of 100, promises exclusivity to the discerning collector. Celebrate your love for Precious Metal Collectibles, and the thrilling narrative of the Boondock Saints, with this intricately crafted piece.
This statue makes a perfect Silver Gift for fans of the film, adding a touch of silver brilliance to any collection. The "Boondock Saints" statue is more than a simple silver statue - it's a Custom Silver Statue that encapsulates a cinematic story of justice and brotherhood.
Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of the Hand Poured Silver collection that celebrates the Boondock Saints' relentless pursuit of justice. Secure this limited-edition piece now and add a touch of vigilante valor to your collection before they're all gone.

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