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Eivor Viking V2

Eivor Viking V2

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Delve deeper into the chronicles of Norse history with our revamped Eivor Viking V2 hand-poured silver statue. This new rendition pays tribute to Eivor's legend with even greater intricacy and precision. Showcasing a dynamic stance ready for battle and detailed engravings that echo tales of valor and adventure, this statue is an artistic masterpiece that celebrates both the famed Viking raider and the rich tapestry of Viking lore. It's a quintessential piece for collectors who admire the blend of history, precious metal artistry, and video game mythos.


  • Available in 3oz, 5oz, and 8oz weights
  • Made of 999+ Silver
  • Max Mintage: 100
  • Each piece is laser engraved with weight, purity, and number
  • Comes with a metal Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

Masterfully crafted in the USA, the Eivor Viking V2 statue benefits from an advanced vacuum assisted investment casting process and a specialized casting resin. This ensures that the finest details — from the texture of Eivor's armor and cloak to the intricate Norse engravings on his weaponry — are brilliantly captured. With its max mintage capped at just 100, this is a sought-after and exclusive addition to any collection.

For those who appreciate handcrafted silver, immersive tales of historic conquests, or the captivating world of video game narratives, the Eivor Viking V2 statue is more than a piece of art. It's a testament to the undying spirit of the Vikings and the tales of heroism that continue to inspire generations. Add it to your collection and let it be a beacon of Viking courage and prowess.

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