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Gold Spartan



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Step into the mystical realm of Hyrule with our Link hand-poured silver statue. Embodying the spirit of courage and determination, this piece captures the very essence of the legendary Hero of Time. With meticulous attention to detail, Link is depicted in his classic pose, ready to draw the Master Sword and shield in defense of Princess Zelda and the kingdom against the forces of darkness.


  • Available in 3oz, 5oz, and 8oz weights
  • Made of 999+ Silver
  • Max Mintage: 100
  • Each piece is laser engraved with weight, purity, and number
  • Comes with a metal Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

Handcrafted in the USA, this statue is a testament to the vacuum assisted investment casting process, enhanced by a special casting resin. This results in a piece where every intricacy of Link's attire, from his iconic green tunic to his pointed Hylian cap, is rendered in exceptional detail. With its limited max mintage of 100, this is truly a unique silver item for connoisseurs and fans alike.

Perfect for admirers of hand-poured silver, gamers, and enthusiasts of the beloved Legend of Zelda series, this silver statue encapsulates the enduring appeal of one of gaming's most iconic characters. Let Link, in all his silver splendor, serve as a beacon of courage and hope in your precious metal collection. Dive into the legend and celebrate a hero that transcends time.

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