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Yoda W/ Lightsaber

Yoda W/ Lightsaber

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Step into the expansive universe of "Star Wars" with our "Yoda w/ Lightsaber" hand-poured silver statue. Finely crafted in the USA, this exquisite piece channels the wisdom, power, and charisma of Master Yoda, one of the galaxy's most renowned Jedi Masters. Sculpted with expert precision in lustrous 999+ silver, the statue captures Yoda in a poised stance, lightsaber ignited, reflecting his unparalleled mastery of the Force. This depiction stands as an essential addition to any collection of intergalactic precious metal mementos and an unparalleled silver gift for ardent fans of the "Star Wars" saga.


  • Available in 3oz, 5oz, and 8oz weights
  • Made of 999+ Silver
  • Max Mintage: 100
  • Each piece is laser engraved with weight, purity, and number
  • Comes with a metal Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

Drawing on the intricate detailing afforded by the vacuum assisted investment casting process, this statue beautifully encapsulates every detail, from the wrinkles on Yoda's sage face to the glowing blade of his lightsaber. As a bespoke silver statue, it not only pays homage to the legacy of "Star Wars" but epitomizes the pinnacle of handcrafted silver artistry, establishing its stature amidst the foremost silver treasures of our generation.

For aficionados of the "Star Wars" universe, admirers of the great Master Yoda, or enthusiasts of meticulously crafted silver, this statue is a representation of an iconic character's timeless legacy combined with silver's perennial charm. The "Yoda w/ Lightsaber" statue is not just a collectible; it's a beacon of cinematic history and silver's undying splendor. Engage with the world of Jedi, the Force, and galaxies far, far away with our "Yoda w/ Lightsaber" hand-poured silver statue. This limited piece masterfully intertwines cinematic legend, unparalleled craftsmanship, and the shimmer of hand-poured silver, presenting a singular chance to own a piece of the "Star Wars" legacy.

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